Top 32 Crypto Tweets by Experts

Top 32 Crypto Tweets by Experts


By Evan Salsbury

Here’s 32 of our top Crypto Tweets by strong community influences. From advice to funny images, we included it all! We chose the best tweets based on how influential and relevant the users were in the crypto community. All of the chosen users have a strong follower base and are very educated and invested in the world of crypto. We highly recommend checking out their twitter accounts for more great crypto content and advice!

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1. JP Vergne (PirateOG)

Eager to learn about Bitcoin and Blockchain? Click on the link below and read JP Vergne crash course. Vergne shares the belief with many others that Bitcoin and Blockchain’s decentralization can show us how we can operate financially in a world without centralized control.

2. Justin Sun (JustinSuntron)

Justin Sun makes it very clear that centralized currency is not the answer. Cryptocurrency is our answer and decentralized control of money will lead us to a brighter future. Justin is the founder of TRON, a decentralized content entertainment protocol based on blockchain technology. Check out his website at:

3. Roger Ver (Rogerkver)

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency hinder the political bullies that feed off the public’s wealth through decentralization of money. Roger Ver was one of the first investors in bitcoin, its safe to say he knows what he’s talking about. You can learn more about him at his website

4. Nick szabo (NickSzabo4)

Blockchain is the future. Nick Szabo is very relevant in the crypto community, check out his blog at:

5. Roger Ver (rogerkver)

A very accurate representation of bitcoin traders facing the wrath of transaction fees.

6. Stephen McRand (stephenmcrand)

Stephen McRand gives great advice when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency. Don’t be too rash to sell your coins, have patience in the market and enjoy being part of this revolutionary innovation of trading. McRand also runs a weekly cryptocurrency newsletter, click this link to see how to subscribe to it:

7. Fred Ehrsem (fredehrsam)

Simply said by George Soros and tweeted by Fred Ehrsam. Create expectations in the present that will influence the future. Ehrsem has a great Medium page with some interesting articles if you’re interested, head over to

8. Cryptocred (CryptoCred)

CryptoCred is a very intelligent crypto technical analyst, you can definitely trust his advice. He also has a successful telegram group, you can check it out here:

9. Gavin Andresen (gavinandresen)

We are part of system where bad people can be in charge, and Gavin Andresen tells us the problem is with the system. Andresen runs a blog with all sorts of interesting topics and controversial issues. Definitley check it out at:

10. Michael Novogratz (novogratz)

The cryptocurrency community is mainly comprised of males. Females make up 15% of this community. #morewomenincrypto

11. Bitcoin Art Gallery (btcartgallery)

I’m sure most investors can relate to this image.

12. Andreas M. Antonopolous (aatonop)

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is an influential writer and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Check out his twitter for updates and educational content on cryptocurrency. He also runs a youtube page and posts a ton of great content on bitcoin and other crypto topics. Definitely worth checking out:

13. Spencer Bogart (CremeDeLaCrypto)

Spencer Bogart has years of experience in the financial world and has recently begun to focus on the Crypto Industry.

14. Erik Voorhees (ErikVoorhees)

Send this to anyone who doesn’t believe in the future of cryptocurrency. Voorhees runs a great blog called Money and State. Check it out at

15. Jameson Lopp (Lopp)

Lopp entertains BTC newcomers with a humorous but true FAQ page. Lopp is also the creator of, a website that displays realtime bitcoin node statistics.

16. Balaji Srinijivas (balajis)

Gaming and Blockchain come together at the heart of Blockium. We built a PvP trading arena where cryptocurrency enthusiasts can compete to trade in live tournaments. Balaji S Sriinvas, proposed a similar idea in his tweet, suggesting applications of blockchain to the gaming world. We believe Blockium will take us in that direction.

17. Brian Armstrong (brian_armstrong)

Scrolling through tweets by Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong will enlighten you.

18. Adam Back (adam3us)

A little Bitcoin Banter provided by Adam Back can lighten up your day. Adam is the co-founder/CEO of Blockstream, who are looking to revolutionize the blockchain. Check their website out at

19. The Dollar Vigilante (DollarVigilante)

Street art from Paris shows how Bitcoin blossoms while the big fiat currencies are dead. He also runs an awesome website, which has tons of articles and followers.

20. Chris Dunn (ChrisDunnTV)

Do not allow the media alone to sway your opinion on investing in Bitcoin. Instead, be swayed by Chris Dunn. Chris has a page where he uploads articles and videos on cryptocurrency skills and how to become a better investor, an amazing resource for any crypto trader. You can find it at

21. Travis Ebel (travisebel)

Check out these top crypto myths. What a great list! Just make sure to come back and finish reading this list when you’re done!

22. Neil Strauss (neilstrauss)

Anyone who’s even heard of bitcoin can relate to this.

23. Anthony Pompliano (APompliano)

That’s one small step for man, and one giant leap for crypto. Pompliano also writes some fascinating Medium articles. Check them out at:

24. Neeraj K. Agrawal (NeerajKA)

Neeraj has years of experience working with blockchain and is quite knowledgeable on everything crypto. He also has a great sense of humor, and is the comms director at

25. Ronnie Moas (RonnieMoas)

Moas has a long history of stock market modeling and stock purchase and sale recommendations. His website,, offers packages you can purchase which will then provide you with great information on what cryptocurrencies are doing good, bad, and what you should invest your money in.

26. Luke Martin (VentureCoinist)

Luke martin offers professional investment consulting and business advisory services on his venturecoinist webpage. If you’re new to crypto take his advice, move slow. Martin’s website offers investment consulting to individuals and business’s, head over to to find out more

27. Brian Armstrong (brian_armstrong)

Take Brian Armstrong’s because it applies not only to cryptocurrency but also to any of your goals.

28. CryptoYoda (cryptoyoda1338).

Wise words from the Jedi master.

29. Blockchainlife (Blockchainlife)

What do you think, Fiat or Bitcoin?

30. The Dollar Vigilante (DollarVigilante)

Wise words from Will Martin.

31. Bonzo Corleone (bonzocorleonee)

Get in while you can!

32. Crypto Boss (LegendOfCrypto)

Anyone who invests in crypto knows how much of a roller coaster it can be.

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